Esther B. Kahn, an innovative educator, philanthropist and patron of the arts established this Charitable Foundation in 1998 for the purpose of supporting and funding innovative approaches to education, the arts and medical research. Esther died on April 30, 2002, but continues to make contributions and impact the lives of others in a positive way through this Foundation.

The Foundation only makes grants to organizations as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code limited to organizations based in the Northeast. The Foundation does not make grants to individuals or organizations classified as a private foundation.

Next Preliminary Application Deadline:
December 30, 2017

Purpose and Objective

The Foundation supports projects in the Northeast where the grant will make a significant difference and where the desired result will be tangible, lasting and can be accomplished within a reasonable period of time. Nevertheless, the Foundation seeks to encourage innovation and recognizes that this may involve risk. Because the Foundation's resources are modest grants are generally awarded for amounts up to $25,000. The Foundation also hopes its grant awards may act as a lever to attract matching funds from other sources that may not otherwise be forth-coming.

Grant applications are considered by the Trustees of the Foundation semi-annually, generally in February and August. Applications submitted between January 1 and June 30 will be considered at the August/September meeting and Applications submitted between July 1 and December 30 will be considered at the March/April meeting.